Why do guys stare at you in the face then sometimes you glimpse them looking again by turning around or whatever but, then don't approach you?

Just curious as to why this happens because, sometimes its a guy I'd possibly be interested in. ):


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  • Our society has taught men that they are creeps. If they stare they are creeps, if they approach you might run in fear, they are constantly shamed for being sexually interested in females.
    You have to give them an "It's ok" symbol, like a smile when you see them looking.
    If they don't get a neon welcome sign, they are likely to feel like they are "Being creepy" or have somehow just made you uncomfortable.


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  • Most guys are leery of dating black girls. We presume that there will be too much drama and difficulty.

    • I don't see why race had to brought into it but, whatevs.

    • If you're including non-black guys, which are 85% of guys, then race has everything to do with it. Most non-black guys don't date black girls even if they're attracted. I see all these questions in which black women ask about white guys, and it just seems like they don't understand what white guys think about black girls.

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  • Just like girls, guys sometimes get afraid and contemplate whether they should approach the girl or not.

    • It sucks haha but, your right probably.

    • Haha it does suck.
      Why don't you try approaching him.

    • Way tooo shy lol I am so unexperienced when it comes to guys in general