I don't think this is right or is it?

One of my Bestfriend Cj had a crush on this girl, So we asked him Who Dat Girl is but he never talked about who she is so me with my other friend searched for her around the campus And there you go We finally saw after spending most of our Vacant time. And ya we got her name from cj when he left his phone a for a Donut (-_-#). Aaaaandddd we asked her number for our friend, Ya She's cute Her eyes is Attractive like i was somethin like ensnared? Iono how am i supposed to explain it x3 cause as my other friend Lugene is talking to her askin about My friend cj i realized im staring at her the whole time she never noticed it well at least thats what i think but its not like i fell inlove With her its just that Her eyes has some kind of Super power that locks up your eye on her lol so yea after that we started Teasing cj the one who's inloved with the girl he was very shy and angry at the same time and then we have seen her many times so as usual as others do as we call out to Xandra the Girl i was talkin about trying to get cj to talk to her and then he starts to ran off like he was holdin Out a shit for a thousand years Ready to be Fired -,- What happened next is she came on to us cause we are like Friends now at that moment and started talking To us cj never really had a chance to talk to her in person in Texts or chat I have seen them chatting and they were like so closeeeeee to each other i dont know why Cj goes floof when seeing xandra and then ran off again so instead im the one whos got to talk to her every single time we see her until we became really close, Turns out im the one who she likes at that time ya i already had a crush on her too But she's the one who confessed to me when we were talkin then i said You should talk to cj first I too asked cj about this And he said ya its ok man, We dated once already. Problem is I dont know if this is right.. dating a girl that my friend likes Lugene then starts calling me Mr. Steal Yo Girl. i need your Thoughts guys..


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  • Well, in my opinion I don't think its right to date someone my best friend liked first. Its like no matter how much u think that person is cute & u like that person too, u shouldn't persue that person cuz ur friend like that person first. It sounds like ur friend cj really likes her & u said they were chatting it up a lot. It sounds like to me that cj was really shy & afraid to talk to her in person, so thats why he kept running off. Which u then were left talking to her & she figured that cj wasent making a move to talk to her, so she started talking to u & formed a crush on u. You did the right thing by telling the girl to talk to cj first cuz u know he's ur friend & that he likes her. Even though cj says its okay, I would still talk to him & ask him if he still really likes her & how he would really feel about u pursuing her. The reason I say that is cuz sometimes people say one thing but feel another way and u dont want him coming back on u late mad at u cuz he feels u took the girl he likes & he blames u. That way if u talk to him & he tries to come back on u later to blame u, u can say u already talked to him about it & gave u the ok. You see what I mean, u as his friend asked him first & talked to him about it, so its not like u went behind is back. If he does say he likes her and doesn't want u to persue her, then it's harder cuz u got to ask urself if ur guys friendship is more important than this girl. Hope all goes well for u. :)


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