Ladies, what's the best first or second date you've been on?

Any ladies have any good date stories to share? Something unique that really had you connecting with the guy who took you out.

Is ice skating a good option?


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  • Ice skating is a great option!! The best first date I've ever been on was over the summer, where my guy picked me up in a Porsche convertible and we went to a drive-in movie theater. We had cokes, chocolate covered strawberries, and great conversation. Honestly, I don't even know what the movie was about because I was way more focused on him. It was just a super romantic night, the sky was clear so we were out under the stars, and we even stayed later through half of the second feature because we were having too much fun talking and hooking up and it was just a really sweet, really romantic night, 10/10 definitely recommend drive-in movie dates!!

    • Thanks. Drive in movie does sound like a good idea too. I'll have to see about that before it gets too cold out.

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  • I LOVE ICE SKATING! I haven't had very good first dates, but one of the good ones was when I was in the 7th grade and this guy asked me out from after I met him at a New Years Eve party and he took me along with my sister (ugh I know) with a friend of his to a laser tag place. I sucked but it was super fun.


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