Why do people stay in meaningless relationships (sex-only relationships)?

I'm just curious as to why people stay in relationships where there is just sex and no real commitment?

I admit, I was with a guy who I was head over heels for, but just pretty much saw me as a tool. He would tell me that he loved me, yet he didn't because I was just his (f*ck buddy), why toy with my emotions like that? I found my worth and cut all ties with that guy.

I understand the thrill of a fling over a relationship, but many people end up getting either emotionally attached at some point or get their hearts broken. Is it really worth it?

I ask myself the same thing... why I stayed? Because I THOUGHT I was in love, when indeed I had no idea of what love even was if I thought that was love.

I'm just looking for some clear answers. Thanks.


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  • Sex-only relationships sounds pretty much like no responsibilities to me, very easy. So there you go.

    You shouldn't dismissively call other types of relationships 'meaningless', especially ones you don't understand.


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  • Well if the relationship means sex, then it's not technically "meaningless". A sexual relationship with no strings attached has pretty obvious appeal.


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