Would a veteran girl date a non-veteran guy?

There's a girl who I've been talking to a lot lately and I'm really starting to like her. She was in the Army and fought in Afghanistan, and I have no military background at all. I'm interested in dating her, and she seems really nice. Would a veteran woman date a man who's never been in the military?


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  • Yes she probably would, just like how male veterans will date non-military civilians. I have no military experience but my fiance is in the army.

    • Hmm I don't think you understand the whole notion of what OP is talking about. It's much different in perception if it's the man with military background dating female civilian.

    • @√ČlanVital I've hung out with many of his female coworkers in the service and they all date nonmilitary personal. There really isn't that big of a difference in how they address relationships.

    • Thanks for most helpful

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  • yes she would

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