Am I wrong for not letting her date him?

My daughter is 15 and has never really cared about dating but there is a boy she likes he likes her also but he's black. My husband and I don't have a problem with it but my side of the family will. I don't want her to have to Choose her family or aboy she is so young. What do I do


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  • Well color is just a color. We are all the same. If your daughter and this boy like eachother, let her date him. Forget about what your family thinks. Is the boy nice? Does he treat your daughter well? Is he respectful in the things he says to her? If yes to all, let her date him. He could be a very nice boy but your daughter would never get the chance to date him because your side of the family does not like a skin color. That is like saying that they don't like tan people or really really pale people. Black is just a skin color.

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    • Thank you @AlwaysBelieving ! And to the asker, yes it makes sense to me. I understand you want the absolute very best for your daughter and want to protect her with everything in you. But if he is so great, you should let her date him. He sounds like a perfect guy for her

    • thank you for most helpful! :)

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  • Her decision. All you can do is be there for her. She is the age of dating, the only thing you can do is talk to her about it all. Let her make her own decisions.

  • Nothing, it's her decision.
    If you want to you can talk to her about the sensibilities of your family, but stress that it's her decision.


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  • Your family can go fuck themselves, if they're against this relationship JUST because he's black.
    Do they also dress up in all white and burn crosses as a hobby? Seriously, some people...

    I'm actually kind of annoyed that you're even on the fence about this. Sure, family is sacred blah blah blah, but families aren't exempt from being douchebags, or in your case - racists. You don't HAVE to have an excellent relationship with them, especially when said family consist of bigots.

    I personally would rather have no family, than one full of hateful prejudice shitbags.

  • Tell your family to mind their own business and support your daughter.

    • I do but like I told her she's the one that has to make the choice and what ever she decides I will support her 100%

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