Long distance relationships. Does he really love me?

Hello! I'm 21 & I'm mexican, I live in a nice neighborhood in Mexico city, I love hanging out with my friends, shopping, reading, dancing & meeting new people, specially if they are foreigns, I really like to know about other cultures & points of views. First of all, I want to say that I like sex a lot & I don't have any problem to separate love from sex, I think that having sex is a great way to relax & making love is magical.

Four months ago I met a Swiss guy who was traveling since the start of the year, he's 26. I met him in a webpage.

In the first date we had sex & it was really good, in fact he didn't stop to say how beautiful I was & that I was incredible. He texted me two days later & he invited me to another date.

In the second date he starred to behave different, I mean, it wasn't all about sex, we went to a cute place & he was kissing me all the time & saying that I was perfect for him, that he wish that time would never end. We had sex again. I saw him the next morning & we went to the mall, to the park, to a hotel & to a restaurant, he told me that he loved me & I was really different to all the women he'd known.

He used to text me everyday until he gone (2 weeks later). He had to finish his trip because in a week he had to stay in US in order to take his plane for come back to Switzerland.

He texted me normally until he stopped to do that one month later. He send me a message for my birthday & I send him one for his. We talked on Skype & he told me that he was working hard in order to get money because he knew what he wants: to come back to Mexico for me because I was the woman he loved, but in a year!!! I told him that I felt the same way but I wanted that he has a live there, so I told him that if he wanted to go out with other girls was ok & asked him if he was sincere, he didn't need to say that. He swer me that he loved me. I told him that I'd wait. But he haven't texted or called me in 2 weeks, I don't know what to do. Help!!!


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  • Sounds like the typical thing, Europeans (or French dudes) say to get hot chicks in their sheets. He was porbably busy with work. Whether he means it or not, you got to give it time for him to respond back.

    And it's ridiculous to say he loves you after two dates. Sounds like a playboy liner, he dished out on you.

    • I've dated with other foreing guys and I did the same: sex since the first date, but they just told me that I was the best sex they ever had, but no something about their feelings (I was happy with that because they were just temporary fuck buddies) but he started to plan the future because I'm going to go to Europe in March & stay until August. That was weird, cute, but really weird haha.

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    • Yes! He's really funny & easy going, but only with people he likes, he's arrogant with others. That's why I think he doesn't fuck every girl he meets. When I asked him if he was as charming with other girls as he was with me he answered me: no, I don't have to be, it's better to make YOU laught than make u cry. Ok, he's weird :/

    • I guess he is taken with your easiness and openness.

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  • What a load of movie cliché crap.

    If you're having sex on the first date, that gives him the impression you're easy and willing to listen to his nice words. More than that, he's not communicating. Not exactly "love".

    • Thanks for your HONEST opinion. But why did he started to say nice things? I mean, I was going to have sex with him without all that honey, he didn't have any necessity of doing that. Why do men do that?

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    • That suck, but I guess it's the truth, thanks!

    • Just noticed, adorable how you start off the description introducing yourself. Bueno ver a una Latina hablar Inglés bien.

  • Just keep reaching out and tell him how you feel and tell him that you dont want to waste your time on something fake! If he responds positively and apologizes for not communicating still talk. if he responds negatively drop him, he's not worth it. Mexico city is big! hay millones de peces en el mar!

    • We talked about it, and he told me that he didn't have so much time to write or call because he's working all day long in order to get money and stay more time with me when he comes back, but I just don't buy it, I mean u take your phone to the bathroom with u, you can say hi lol. And he always apologize and send me really long texts about how much he loves me, but he sends them like every 3 weeks!

    • Oh no, i am sorry. I know the time zones can be difficult too. i had a girlfriend in italy and although we shared loved we agreed it couldn't work. we both felt a rift in communication. But that is no excuse a short text at 3 a. m. can make someone so happy. let him know that you want to share your love with someone who will send the same feelings. If u need anymore advice/support don't be afraid to keep writing on this post or message! Good luck

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  • Hello fellow Mexican. I am too, Mexican. I was born in a Mexican household in Mexico. I too have a thing for not Mexicans. I would advise you not to hold your breathe on this one, he doesn't seem like he is willing to really have a real relationship. It's likely he just got back into the norm of things back home and it didn't seem really likely that he can pursue this relationship with someone he doesn't know that well and for such a short period of time.

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