Is it unattractive when your s/o texts you "good night" at night?

So this is towards the guys... My boyfriend doesn't always respond or text back because of whatever reason...

Is it unattractive for a girl to text good night a few nights a week? I don't do it every night but I am thinking about him before bed. He is just a distant guy & doesn't like texting as is...

Am I annoying him?

  • Yes. I would like that even if I was distant.
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  • No. That would turn me off. Smothering.
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  • Texting good night is a sign that I'm the last thing you're thinking before going to sleep, so I'll be really flattered about that, I feel special and important to someone.
    Don't you think that he's maybe asleep when you send him the text? That's maybe why he doesn't respond, because I really doubt that a guy finds that as a turn-off, it's like "Hey, can you please not think of me, I don't know, it just turns me off. Thanks.". It doesn't make sense.

    • Lol true. He just rarely responds in general because he likes to talk on the phone. I text it when I think he is already asleep or is busy, like out with friends... I don't want to interrupt his night.

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    • Usually just calls me.

      Idk... I just have this fear of pushing him away.

    • He likes to talk with you by phone, so it will definitely take more than texting him goodnight to push him away. If you're pushing him away, he'll start texting instead of calling, then worry about it, but now, there's nothing to worry about.

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What Guys Said 3

  • No, it's a good thing !!!
    But you shouldn't since he is not doing it... You should check that "distant" thing out... Doesn't smell good to me... I had some bad experiences with so called girlfriend who was "distant" just the way you described... Just sayin...
    And to answer you q, no Id like it... That means you think of me and that you care about me... And I would definitely reply...

  • I don't enjoy texting as it takes the personal element out of being with someone, so in a sense I see where he's coming from. But since its just a short phrase affirming affection and not an actual conversation I'd be fine with it.

    • I definitely agree. I do it when I feel like he is busy or already asleep because I either don't want to Interupt or wake him...

      I would just hate if he got annoyed by it. We usually talk on the phone before bed.

  • I accidentally hit no. I meant to hit yes.


What Girls Said 1

  • As a girl, I love it when men text me goodnight before bed. I think you're doing the right thing. If it bothers him or he doesn't respond, then maybe he's missing out on someone who really cares :-)

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