Girls: when would you expect your date to try and kiss you?

I'm wondering when do girls (in their early to mid 20s) expect their date to kiss them? Is it the first date, the second date, 3rd?

I know that in theory it could also be the woman who initiates the kiss but in reality this is very rarely the case.

And what would you think if he didn't even try to kiss you by the 1st/2nd/3rd, etc date?

I have some trouble with escalating with girls and quite often I find myself ending a 2nd date with just a hug which always leaves me wondering if she was expecting more or not.

Any thoughts/input is very welcome.


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  • At any time he can kiss me. LOL, not when the date starts but like in the middle or towards the end. I would be pretty disappointed if he didn't kiss me by at least the 2nd date. If he gets a second date then it means I'm into him, so yes, he can kiss me.


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  • i try not to expect it tbh. i think that when he's ready to do it, he will, and I'm fine with that, even if it doesn't happen till he puts a ring on it.

    ^^ I'm talking bout my hypothetical man of course.

  • He can kiss me whenever he well pleases-IF I've conveyed I like him. #confidence

    • And how do you convey that you like him? The acceptance of a date after the first one?

    • Presumably

  • 1st date if it goes well; at the end. Don't make it a Whorey kiss though, like a tasteful one, just a little tongue


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