Ex dumped me but is mad at me now for some reason. Why?

So, my ex bf dumped me a few weeks back, but then changed his mind again. At the time, I said that it was okay and wished him all the best.

Anyway, I agreed with the break up and didn't try to argue with him about it, mainly because he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship right now. He also told me that he would never love a girl like one of his exes, which really hurt me. I decided to cut all contact with him.

Now, I've been hearing from some mutual friends that he is pissed at me and thinks that I took the easy way out.

Why is he angry at me when at the time of the break up he wished me all the best and he was the one who didn't want a relationship?


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  • Love is about postive and negative emotions, him being pissed means you are still on his mind. People who couldnt care less , would just move on and wouldn't be bothered by anything around them. Be a grown up, talk to each other... something could still be salvaged from this


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  • he bluffed and now he's realizing its not giving him what he wanted.

    its terrible to break up without doing your best and trying everything beforehand. people get really hurt after being dumped and when you guys get back, it can make it a very toxic relationship with you leaving him when things get roiugh. breaking up and getting back constantly is SO bad...


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  • He see you don't care anymore but in reality he miss u like hell so he will do extra.