Can you salvage a bad second date?

We had a great first date and talked for a few weeks after we met at his brother's wedding. Every time I saw him we ended up having a no-sex sleepover and having breakfast the next morning. We were pretty cute together. He kept talking about future plans for us and I knew he was genuinely really excited about me.

Our second official date I went to his neighborhood in the burbs and we ended up just hanging at his house since I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't acting like myself and felt horrible for not having a fun night with him. I had PMS, stress from my new job, got food poisoning that day, and hadn't slept all week! He still wanted me to come over since he would make ti relaxing, but I couldn't act like myself. Kept asking about his ex wife and girlfriend that his brother told me about since I wanted him to know I knew about it. Also acted uncomfortable being in his ex wife's house and he offered to drive me home but I stayed. We still had a bunch of laughs and kisses and generally had a good time.

Things seemed fine when I left him. He offered to drive me an hour away so I didn't have to take the train b/c he felt bad I wasn't feeling well. He kissed me and held my hand the whole drive and gave me a big goodbye.

I texted him saying thanks for the ride and that I left my charger there. He said he was sorry and he'd give it to his brother since he lives near me. I asked if that meant I didn't get to see him and apologized for being sick etc and he hasn't responded in 2 days. Typically silence means he's not interested, but since he was so into me before, do you think maybe he's waiting for me to return home and plug in my phone to talk? Or maybe his brother can help patch up our awkward date? Should I ask his brother to smooth things over and wait to see if he contacts me this week? Do guys come around? Could he be thinking about if he wants to see me again?


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  • > Hasn't responded in 2 days

    I think you overanalyse stuff. Call him in in 2-3 days and ask how he is and if he would like to come over. No need to panic yet.

    • I do analyze too much! You think there's potential to hang out again? Do I look crazy for calling him?

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