So I'm trying to write this email to a girl I haven't seen in a bit but having trouble?

I've been working on it for a couple days and have a few good points but it got too long now and I need to come up with something that is effective as I don't think I can email this girl a whole bunch of times I need to get point across quickly. I also haven't seen her for a bit so not exactly sure where things stand other than were not speaking but her parents do live down the road from me so we did know each other well when she lived here growing up.

how do I tell her that I miss being friends with her , without coming across as creepy? or seem like I just want sex?


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  • It depends on why you are not speaking really. So, please answer that question first before we can go forward and work out what you need to say, thanks.

    • at end of summer she moved away for work , she lives in another city and just spends summers here at family cottage. so I haven't seen her in person , my only attempt to contact her was 1 tweet on Twitter and didn't here back

    • Ok, in that case, she has just moved on with her life and is focusing on living/working in her new city. I would keep it really simple and say something along the lines of "Hey, long time, no speak. How are things with you? It would be good to hear from you. I have been doing [fill in with some things you've been up to]". I look forward to hearing from you. And sign off the email. Keep it really simple. If you start going into a long and detailed email about how much you miss her, you will freak her out. Keep it simple. Good luck.

    • I agree she just moved on , what should I not say that would freak her out? I also haven't really emailed her before so not sure how she react. we mostly talked in person

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