Best way to ask girls to hung out with me?

I'm a shy guy and i will ask a girl I love to hung out without be rejected.


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  • Start out with a simple conversation, and then be like "hey, what are you doing on this day". If she's already doing something then bummer. If she's not don't act too excited or you might scare her off. Since your the kind off "shy guy" then you can go about it 2 ways here. Either you can be like"well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime or..." and maybe she"ll cut in and be like "ohh sure i'd love to", or you can go in like "we should hang out on this day is that cool with you" and maybe you'll get a more friendly response without making it so awkward for a couple seconds. Just never hit that awkward spot in the conversation because it is very very awkward... trust me. But yeah, good luck.


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