Not sure how to handle this. Dating Issue?

I don't think I am a normal 21 year old. Do many people my age analyze everything before they get serious with someone? Probably not. I've seen this guy a couple times and already I'm thinking maybe its not the best thing to get in a relationship with him. I'm constantly busy with work and college full time advanced classes. I barely have enough time for me or my friends. Besides that he is a musician and if that career doesn't work out for him he'll go to school in 7 years. I don't know if I can stand by him and say thats a great idea. I want kids and a steady job and family by then. So I'm confused and dont know what to do.


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  • Hi, I don't think I am a normal 21 year old. :)
    I'm going to begin by saying that there is nothing abnormal with how you are thinking and is in fact the smart approach used by many women that have very good critical thinking skills. However, you are only 21 years old and you still have your entire life ahead of you so I don't believe there would be anything wrong with you dating or being in a relationship with a guy you don't currently perceive as being your type in the future. In fact. It is important that you continue to meet new men and share new experiences so that way you could further develop your own tastes for what you would then perceive as the perfect romantic partner. Overall, analyze but don't overanalyze, who you date now may not necessarily become your future husband. Have fun, you are young and you should enjoy yourself, that and it's always nice to have someone in your life.


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  • It's normal to think about your future and that you are trying to image how your life will look in 10 years. If you honestly don't think you can have a future with someone and be "happy" with that outcome then it probably isn't the best thing to get in a relationship with them. But no you are not abnormal for thinking about the future, it's normal :)


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