What does it mean when your friend wants to hook you up with her friend?

So the other day, my friend drove me home after class in college. Then we started talking about music. After I said I sometimes I listen to Kpop and radio music, she said, "Oh! I have a friend that sometimes listen to that". Then she told me who it was (it was a guy that she told me). Then later she told me who it was and what college he goes to. After she said, "Hey, he's cute, handsome, smart, funny, and he's single too! I mean, I can hook you guys up!" Apparently i said, "Nah it's ok! If I saw a picture of him or see him in person maybe I'll reconsider it" I'm kinda confused. I've never had a friend ask me if they want to hook me up with one of their friends. LOL. I've never dated someone before, plus I'm just a college freshmen and my friend and her friend is a college sohphmore. Please explain to me whats going on. LOL. I know this is a stupid question. Does this mean she already mentioned about me to her friend? Or something. LOL


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  • I am not sure if your friend has already mentioned you, but that really isn't a good way to start anything. It will be very awkward between you and this friend's friend.


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