What does it say about a man if?

He is just in a relationship with a girl because he is lonely and don't want to search for another woman? What does that mean

But he wants love but wants to waste time with someone because he is lonely... not wanting to search for that one that really love him...


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  • He's friendzoned her and lazily put another label on the relationship. He settles for her company.
    I couldn't be with a guy whom i knew was settling for me. It's a waste bc out of all the billions of people on this earth, i'd know there was at least one who's capable and willing to love me for me.
    Convenience relationships are temporary friendships.

    • Its so many people who are with someone because they are Lonely

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    • Your saying that man that is lonely he think of her as a friend zone

    • Yeah. More often than not. People grow on people though, so every situation is different.

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  • He is a coward unwilling to leave the warmth of a partner he no longer loves. Its up to you to leave him! He needs to lose his security in order to grow and find real love. Leave him! He doesn't love you, he loves the idea of having someone to fall back on thats not love!

  • He's afraid to being alone. Likely also afraid of rejection and putting himself out there.

  • Emotionally weak, dependent, desperate, doesn't know what he wants from life, etc.


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