Hey! need a lot of help: tinder mess. I don't want to screw up! Advice, please?

Hey guys, thank you for reading i could really use your help.

So on Tuesday i met this guy in person. we met on tinder and have been talking on whatsapp like a month or so until we finally met because we always had stuff in the way. So we went on Tuesday to get a couple of beers and it was really cool, we talked for hours and then we split ways. It was nice and nothing happened.

On Wednesday he texted me recommending me a band and on Thursday we talked about seeing each other on friday, we went to dinner (dutch) we then had a bottle of wine... we talked a lot and we kissed a lot and he said stuff like " i like you a lot" "i want to see you a lot" " it's the first day (i didn't really got this one" we split ways really late and we only kissed a lot.

Yesterday we talked and he said "i want to see you a bit" and i told him that so did I. So we went to the movies and then we had beers in my place... in my house we kissed a lot and did a lot of rubbing against each other and that was that. Things got really heated up but he didn't touch any of my "lady parts" and he went home.

So, today i'm super confused... because i like this guy... but i don't know how much he can take me seriously... we met on tinder, i've only see him three times and it has got really physical... so? help? what to do if i want him to take me seriously?

Thanks <3


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  • probably back the hell up a little bit. at this point, you have just made yourself a target. if you want to be taken seriously, back the hell up. reduce the kissing and should there be any inappropriate/sexual touching... again back the hell up.. and let him know that you want to take things slow and not move so fast.
    Disclaimer: There is a 90% chance that this will end your relationship, but at least you won't be used as just a sexual target and know he wasn't serious.

    • hey, thanks!

      but how do you suggest i back the hell up? haha
      and its too soon to have any talk about future, i think.

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    • ok, thanks. Will do!!

    • good luck hon

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