When a girl tells you she having a bad time, but she does not want to talk with you on the phone. What gives girls?

Something happened and now she overwhelmed with everything else. I really tried to offer to talk on the phone , but she has been refusing. She really likes me a lot and texts me a lot.

I am SolitaireBond, I have been giving her space. I send her a text every week to see how things are going with her. I like to make sure that she knows that I am still here , and she can reach out to me anytime.


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  • When I'm overwhelmed... I just retreat into my own head until I work things out. She may just be doing the same. It might be easier for her to text vs talk because she may just not want to talk about whatever is bothering her. sounds like you are doing all the right things and for me, knowing that somebody is there for when I want to talk is all that I need to be able to get through it. I wouldn't worry too much, she knows you are there.


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  • Have you considered the possibility that she may well be on her period.

    I sometimes use that expression when am on mine, and what with raging hormones I certainly don't feel or want to talk to anyone.

    Am sure given time she may very well open up to you and explain her reasons, but am more than sure it is nothing serious to worry over.

    For now though please just give her some time and space, but gently let her know that you are there for her.

    All will come good am sure. :)

    • I agree women get short when they are menstruating.

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    • She has been having a lot of issues with a family member and a couple of friends. She really does not know how to handle all of it right now.

    • To be completely honest I think you may very well have the answers right there.

      As I've mentioned before, please allow her the space she needs, but in doing so please make sure that you let her know you are there for her, and thinking of her.

      This is only from a woman's perspective you understand.

  • Because texting is easier than talking, from the socially inept standpoint. I know how that is.


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  • Girls are weird man. Dont give up being there for her. If you like the girl, you'll deal with her bullshit until she opens up to you. I think the best way to do that would be ask her IN PERSON how she's doing and what she's feeling that's making her have a bad time. Buy her something small, like a cookie or some candy, and ask her whats wrong. If it doesn't work the first time, itll work the next time. Dont give up, it'll work eventually.

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  • Usually period related.