Is he in to me or is it just sex?

This guy I like just returned from vacation. While he was away he would texted me telling me how much he missed me. The day after he got back his car was stolen. We were supposed to meet up that night but I didn't hear from him. I learned the next day it was because he was dealing with that and was filing a police report. That next evening around 7PM he texts me and asks if I still want to get together but he can't take me out cause his wallet was in his car. I say that's ok I'd just like to see him. So, because his car was stolen, he walks over two miles to my place to see me. We catch up and talk about his vacation and his dreams, aspirations, etc. then later we end up having great sex. So I guess I'm paranoid that maybe all he wanted was sex with me, because I told him before that I'm not interested in sleeping with him and nothing more. That I want to know him and him me. That I want to date him. But this wasn't really a date. During our conversation though he did bring up things like how great a cook his mom is and he wants to share that with me sometime.


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  • I think he has genuine feelings for you. I believe he's interested in a relationship.


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