Was she right for pushing me away?

Me and this girl have been talking for quite some time. We clearly have feelings for each other, and we even talked about what things we want when we end up together. She does have a problem though, her parents are prejudice and don't want her dating outside of her race and even she has some of those prejudices. But after meeting me she was willing to change that. Down the road she tells me that she's pushing me away because her parents won't accept me (im Asian and they're Venezuelan and german) and they would kill her, not literally. She says she doesn't want to hurt me because she doesn't want to go against their wishes and offered to still be friends. Obviously me being in love, I was mad that she let prejudice choose rather than her heart. Was she right for doing this? Because I am beyond miserable that I was disregarded simply because of my race despite caring unconditionally for this woman.


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  • in my personal experience, if my parents did not approve and i wasn't willing to go out with the guy, it probably wasn't meant to be because my feelings weren't strong enough or real enough to take that risk. this happened with my last potential boyfriend and my current boyfriend. obviously, in my previous relationship i wasn't willing to defy my parent's wishes, in my current one though, i am.

  • I'm sorry this happened to u. No she wasn't right but there's no much u can do. Maybe keep being her friend and things may change. She's probably very influenced by her parents expectations


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