What to talk about when you approach a girl?

if you approach a random girl at a mall or someplace similar, what are some things to talk about after you say hi? specifics?


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  • Ask her how her days doing and what she's shopping for. If you're going to compliment her be respectful when you do it. Preferably I don't like when guys come up to me and tell me they think I'm hot. you can usually tell by her body language on whether or not she wants to talk to you. If it appears she does ask about her interests, music, movies, school ( as a last option) and what she likes to do on her free time. Just try not to come off as a creep or a perv and then it should just go from there! Hope this helps:)


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  • i find its always easy to ask for directions to somewhere, from there try to get a casual convo going based on either common interest/activity or non creepy compliments, dont forget to introduce your self by the way :)


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