Is this a relationship killer?

We're seeing each other, we've done everything but sex. We're not officially gf/bf yet. Would this kill our chance of getting into a relationship? We both can't wait to have sex with each other (we're both virgins), but I really want a relationship with him. What should I do?


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  • Personally, I would wait a little while. If you two start out slow and get to know each other really well, then I can see that as a possibility. I bet you're a very nice girl and if you start off on the right foot with him, he'll be wanting you more and more. I wish you the best of luck :)

    • Thank you XD

      But I think we started out too fast already, and I see no way back. Good thing is we didn't have sex. What should I so now? We've done oral and everything. I really want him more than a friend.

    • Private message me?

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  • Just make him an offer he can't refuse.
    If he'll be exclusive with you, you'll be exclusive with him. That's it, no chasing other members of the opposite sex. Job done, and you have some relationship.

    Then bang him as much as you like.

    • He said he isn't seeing anyone but me, and said me too. I don't know if it means we're exclusive or "oh well I have nobody to see at the moment" kind of thing.

  • Don't have sex. Not yet. You two don't know each other well enough yet.

  • just ask him out.. dudes don't always want or need to make the first move, as far as the sex thing id wate till y'all wr together in a relationship but that's at yalls discretion

    • He's afraid of commitment due to his horrible past relationships. I don't wanna ask him out and scare him away I'm afraid to loose him...

    • pfff if he ses no thin he ses no thare ant nothing you can go about it, but it seems to me that he's a wimp so if you like him go for him if he is to much of a baby to be frightind of a girl to ask him out you probably don't need to hit him up inyways trust me

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  • I'd wait. You should be in a serious relationship first.

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