Girls how does a guy convince you that he genuinely likes you?

I like a girl and she seems to think I don't like her after I had a convo with her Sister where I said I prefer more introverted people and that her sister as an extrovert may at times be a bit much for me to handle.

The sister then went and told her what I said and the girl brought it and sounded a bit saddened and said "I can be quiet, I can change" and that made me feel bad because she shouldn't have to change who she is and I shouldn't have made her feel that way. I wasn't intentionally being mean.

I saw her yesterday and we had a brief chat before she had to leave and I said "It's a shame you have to go, I enjoyed our brief chat" and she replied with "Yeah right, you're probably delighted to be getting rid of me", I laughed and said "I'm heart broken" and she left.

She's also told me that she accepts that I don't like her and that it hurts that she had to hear it from her Sister.

But this is not true, I do like her and though I pretend I don't, I only do that because I was unsure whether she genuinely liked me or not.

So what can I do?


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  • You, my friend are in a situation I call a Reverse Conundrum.. its like you fucked up, then you turned it over and fucked it up more lol. here's what i suggest..
    look towards the end of your post.. there is a line "but this is not true,..." and it ends with "... me or not"
    i suggest you copy that and send it to her... or better yet... say it face to face.
    thats your only way out brother.. or you can continue these games till the frustration gets to you... your choice.

    • I know, I'm just a fool man, a real fool.

      I will have to tell her face-to-face, I'll have to find a way to tell her.

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    • TY man you've been a massive help. :)

    • Yay vote lol... and you are definitely welcome, Im happy to help and I'm here if you have another question (or if you fuck up lol).. thanks for the vote.

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  • Omyg how old are you this sounds trivial n elementary. Stop playing dating games, keep it real n you won't get into this mess. Why on earth would you tell her sister that. Anything you say about someone you supposedly "like" should be nice behind their back. It's sad she had to find out that you felt like that from her sister, which I hope u weren't trying to hit on. This ones going to be hard. If you like someone you should like them regardless of how they are. You said you "prefer" which means to like better or best. That's like me saying I perfer a big penis over a small one and telling my boyfriends brother that. Yea your going to have to genuinely show her you care by telling her you like her exactly how she is and showing her with your actions. Also by speaking good about her not killing her ego. Keep it real next time. It's worse to wonder "what if" then get rejected.

    • I know I have been a massive problem here and I am a jerk. It started off as us being friends with harmless flirting and then has snow balled into this game playing as neither of us seem to know where we stand and I only passed the comment to her Sister because I felt like her Sister was just playing games and I didn't mean to say what I said. I'm also disappointed that her Sister went and told her. :/

      Plus she has also played games with me, she would say how much she misses me, she hinted at her liking me, she always touches my shoulder and she always teases and flirts with me. Yet when we swapped number she would takes hours to reply to my texts every time and then didn't reply back to one of them. So I stopped texting her. At a friend's party she was around this other guy all night and never bothered with me, so I thought she was interested in the other dude.

      If I didn't get these mixed signals I would have asked her out. But I accept that I'm to blame as well.

  • Tell her exactly what you wrote on here about how she doesn't have to change and explain as to why you said that in the first place. Just make sure next time you're more careful as to what you're telling her sister.

    • I don't get a chance to speak to her much and I am not good with telling her how I feel.

  • Id say just tell her you like her!!! Dont regret if !!

    • I did when I was drunk because she kept passing comment about me and this other girl I am friends with. She said "Why don't you go and sit over there with *insert name* and so I told her I liked her. She asked me several times if I remembered what I told her and I said yes - but I never got the chance of speak to her. I don't get to spend enough time with her to sort the situation out.


    • she... said..."Bruh"... loooool... ur a fool... for real.. im dying laughing

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