I haven't been single in a while, need advice!

I meet a girl at the bar last night my friend hooked us up. I danced with her alittle then we left and I dropped her off at her dorm. I got her number and want to text her but don't know what to say. U want to say " hi it's **** from the bar last night... And that's all I have lol any ideas I just came out of a long term relationship and lost everything I had


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  • Just ask her how she's doing and how her weekend has been and if she had fun. Or how her days going. That's how most guys are doing it now anyways haha you'll be fine

    • Once I get the conversation im fine it's just starting it up that first text uk

    • Ok just be like hey insert name it's so and so from the bar. Wait for her to respond, obviously and ask her if she had fun the other night and how her weekend was and you'll be good.

  • yeah pretty much what insomniaclove said, also bring up any information you found out about her the night before, common interests or stuff you both joked about


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