Should I go for it or sit back and watch?

There's this guy; whose family is pretty close with mine. He has changed a lot since the last school year. Great quarterback and carries himself differently than most HS boys; dresses sophisticated, never says vulgar things. He's never had anything to do with girls, since his dad is so strict on him and football; also he's a little shy, barely has anything to say most of the time. A guy friend of mine told me that in the locker room after we won the game that he was pumped and said do you know what I wanna do? And they all said what and he said get laid. Lol then they all screamed hell yea. It was a surprise to most of them, because he never says things like this. Well anyway, I've never really had a bf so I was considering trying to talk to him. I feel like an advantage would be our families, but I'm not sure about that. Maybe his mom could talk to him about it? What do you think I should do?

  • Text/Talk to him first
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  • Tell a friend to drop hints
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  • DON'T let your parents start your relationship haha. definitely just text or talk to him first- even if its just like "hey, good game!" and smile big at him. thats getting your presence known to him.

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