I don't know if I like my boyfriends sister or not?

Sometimes I feel like I can talk to her and other times I feel like I can't talk or stand her at all.

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 years and I get on with the rest of his family so well, I love them! But his sister I have mixed feelings and emotions about her...

Me and my boyfriend went to see his man and grandad the other day, she was showing me baby photos of my boyfriend and his sister when they were younger. His sister then came round the house and his nan was like "I was just showing -my name- baby photos of you and -my bf name- when you were younger" and she said "gosh nan no need to show the whole world" yet she only shown me the pictures and my boyfriend baby pics he's saw before.

Some days I feel like I don't like her and others I feel like I can tolerate her. I don't have a problem with how close her and my boyfriend are but sometimes when me and my boyfriend are having a night in she will text him and he will instantly reply. It's just annoying. She is 23, my boyfriend is 17.

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  • honestly i have felt like this before too. except its with his step sister, but its not that different of a situation. I just don't really connect with her but I dont hate her. It's just kind of mutual 'I dont really like you or hate you but don't start any conflict with me' feelings. As long as neither of you start any petty fights and stuff, i think you two will get along decently. of course she's going to piss you off sometimes, everyone does at one point or another. just dont take things to extremes, and if she tries to start an argument, just diffuse it the best that you can and walk away.

    i guess basic mutual neutrality is the best way to go

    • Thank you, glad I'm not the only one in this situation 😊

    • haha honestly its a relief to knowim the only one feeling this way either.

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  • The opposite sex family members, will never like the person their family member is dating. Mothers will never like the girl her son is dating, and fathers will never like the boy their little girl is dating. It's just how it is


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  • It kind of just sounds like you're neutral about her, however, just saying- the example you provided (about the pictures) it didn't sound like she was being catty or anything. Just didn't want her grandma showing you pictures of her. Baby/kid pictures are embarrassing.

  • Well you don't have much choice do you? If he had to choose between you, he would propably choose his sister.

    Dump him or tolerate her

    • You have your opinion but I was not asking anything like that. Why should I dump him just because of his sister? I will not tolerate her I just will not talk to her.
      There is no valid reason for me to dump my boyfriend because of his sister.

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    • I do NOT hate her and will obviously talk to her. My feelings will grow as I get to know her as a person more, so...

    • Well what is the point of this "question" ? You just wanted to complain how you dislike her?

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