Too much texting before first date?

Hey, I like this expat girl and she agreed to have a drink with me soon (basically within 2 weeks I guess) although she is very busy with school. We both are not really hooked on our phones, but have been sending eachother little texts throughout the week. Actually I would prefer to just sort of stop doing that until we meet up, it's more fun and keeps it mysterious in my opinion, I don't like it if we waste all the getting to know eachother potential through texting. How do I tell her this? Do you agree?

Should note we met online


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  • Well, when you guys meet, it will be awkward because you guys know everything about each other, and it's just the first time seeing each other. If you guys are getting to know each other too much through messages, then call her on the phone. It might be kinda awkward because you guys will have so much in your heads, but not enough said. If she really likes you, then she will like it no matter how awkward, but that's okay because it will take out awkwardness from when you guys actually meet. Take it from personal advice :)


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  • You should say look forward to meeting. Will call you to arrange when were free have a great week. Can u see my question please

    • Thanks for the straightforward answer, I'm probably thinking too much about this

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