I'm really stuck! I really need help from you guys I don't know if my boyfriend is cheating on me or not?

Me and my boyfriend met 2 days ago and we've talked on fb for like a week or two nearly 2 weeks. He had his gf but he told me that he doesn't love her but she does. we were besties before and then he put 'in a relationship with...' his ex blocked me of his account. when i found out i asked him n he was like i deactivated then i said u've blocked me not deactivated :( he goes my gfs done that n i go okay. till now he hasn't told his ex about us he goes he will tell her soon. my bf and me when we met we kissed on the second day and he told me he loves me and all that.. etc we hugged for like a really long periods of time. he still has in a relationship with his ex on his fb and he's not unblocked me but goes I will delete that account soon. My parents have found out about him and he will go see them next week because my dads gone on holiday and mum was like when dads back then we will both see him. I'm 16 and he's 18. I'm from a very cultured religious background and so my parents are really strict and will not let me have a boyfriend. I;m sikh and so is he. I don't know if i'm worryign too much does he love me? I even had asked him if he's told his parents about me he goes he will do soon. am i worrying too too much?

p. s he talks to me off his brothers account because he hasn't unblocked me of his, from his actions i know he loves me but i think he doesn't too. otherwise which guy would go see a girls parents if he didn't love her. he wouldn't have the guts.


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  • No honey, he doesn't love u! if he were to love u he would show u off go the world! For what I see he's really wanting to have something with his ex, don't believe man if their actions seem different to what their saying.

    • your right, but the way he acts he seems to prove he loves me. he even said he'd go meet my parents and talk to his parents about me. I thought he's just not unblocked me of his fb because he feels for his ex, she'll cry and everything.. etc otherwise which guy would go to meet a girls parents if he didn't love her?

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    • After a week? See love doesn't just grow because him and his ex are done! No it takes time to build it! People say are in love without knowing the meaning of it, of how it really feels! Your just inexperience don't believe what guys tell u, when their actions are different then their words

    • That's so true, your right thank you xx

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  • Oh young "love" seriously though as the others have said he doesn't love you he's a piece of garbage little kid. Just cut ties with him qnd focus on having a tangible relationship with someone who really cares about you.

    • so true and will do thanks xx

  • i think so but he sounds like a disgusting human being

    • The only thing that made me believe he loves me is when he said he will see my parents. What would you do if you were in my situation?

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    • yh lol but let me just wait till my dad's back and see if he meets my parents, if not then it's over. Anyways what have i got to lose, someone that didn't love me. but thanks for your advice.

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  • Love after a week oh dear he does not love you at all. Please see it. for what it is he loves the ex get rid of him asap

  • I would tell him to be honest. Say do you love me or her please be honest i would like to know. And say i dont like being put in this postion. Something like that

    • yes he loves her and not me. he's been honest i asked him and thankyou xx

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