Girls, what does it feel like to have a boyfriend?

Lately I've been feeling a lack of human contact, specifically with boys. I've been hoping for a relationship for a few months now, but the "right guy" just isn't here yet. I've never been "touched" by a non-related boy (I. e. Hugging, nudging, etc.). I look forward to the day when a boy touches my face, hugs me every time he sees me, holds my hand, and eventually kisses me. What is it like to have a boyfriend?


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  • You probably have him around the corner and you haven't notice! No guy is me perfect they can only try! Having a bf is beautiful when everything is mutual but you have to take care of those feelings a single lie can hurt so much! Everything his mood, his actions, everything affects us, whether for good or for bad so my advice to you is watch who u fall for


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  • Girl i know how you feel its hard you just have to hang in there he will come soon lest just hope its before prom

    • I doubt it will. A lot of the guys at my school are jerks.

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    • And they tend to have more similar interests, especially if you meet them through your classes.

    • yah thats fore shore

  • how old are you?

    • Almost 16. But I'm usually mistaken for 18-21.

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