It is a bad idea to be friends with someone who doesn't like you back?

it is a bad idea to be friends with someone who doesn't like you back?

she wants to keep being friends and said that i am one of her closest friend. but she said she is not interested.

is it possible she will like me more than a friend later on?

does anyone have experience with this?


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  • I'm going through this right now.
    Me and my 8-years-best friend used to have feelings for each other but we never became a couple and I think he moved on and doesn't feel the same anymore. I talked to him about this yesterday and told him I still have feelings for him and he said it's better if we stay friends. To me, I can't just cut him out of my life because he is a big part of it and I can't imagine living my life without talking to him even if it kills me but I'd rather be just his friend than not talking to him.

    • did you ever jealous? how did you handle that?

    • Right now, I'm really handling it badly. I feel like shit and I'm crying 24/7 and hoping things would change and he would change his mind cause you know it just happened yesterday!

    • this is exactly what i am going through. i couldn't even stay friends with her b/c each time a guy would come up i got really jealous. i also over thought every she said as a indication if she was into me or not

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  • If u still hold a torch for this person and have romantic feelings, then yes it is a bad idea. U will still hang on to hope and it may prevent u from meeting someone who is better for u

  • I'm currently in this situation and I would advise you to not do it. Well honestly it depends on how much you like her. If its just a crush then yes be friends maybe you could get to know her and work your way to being in a relationship. If you love her or really like her I wouldn't do it. You would just end up feeling awkward and hurt. I watch my best friend date people all the time and it just makes me upset.

    • yes i told her to stop talking to be few days ago and she also agreed. it is very hard not to get jealous.

      during this experence did you sometimes over think things?
      and are you over this person yet? because after now i miss talking to her every night and it feels like there is a big hole in my life. i am not sure if is because i miss her as a friend or because i had a crush on her.

    • We still talk but he's moved away so the distance has help me deal with it better. I did over think I couldn't be myself because I always thought am I acting like I like him.

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  • In my experience, normally when somebody says they just want to be friends and nothing more, it's pretty hard to change their minds unless you make them see you in a whole new light or something. I've been put in this spot before, and it's normally because I'm not much of a challenge. A lot of girls like a guy who is hard to get. Honestly, many of them just aren't attracted to me as well, and that initial attraction is hard to get around.

    Just accept the friendship and don't come off as available or interested in her as much. She may come around, and if not, then it wasn't meant to be and you should respect her decision. Good luck.

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