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I had 2 situations that had to do with the concept of assumptions.

First time, This guy mentioned something about dating, so I took that as if we were dating. I assumed we were, but after asking him just to make sure that was correct, it was not and he was annoyed with the fact that I had assumed we were together.

Second time, same guy confessed his feelings for me after we had stopped talking. He called me babe, baby and a few other pet names, we hung out just as we did the first time and I did not assume anything. I simply went with the flow of things and he got mad because this time I did not assume we were dating, and when he had said "You know we are dating right?" and my response was "No, I did not know." He became annoyed with me again and called everything off with out talking to me to clear it all up.

So my question is, with both situations, would you be happy if you were in a similar circumstance if the other person did not assume you and he/she had something/were dating? This whole concept is really interesting, but I want to make sure that I am not in the wrong for making sure the second time I was more cautious instead of directly assuming things based of his words.


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  • i dont blame you for choosing not to assume things the second time, since your first experience went the way it did. its kind of comical the way your situation has played out :') but im sorry to hear it isn't working out

    • It really is! Holding a double edge sword here. There is no winning in this!

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    • He texted me this evening because I have his hat and sweatshirt. He said that I could have left his stuff on the porch, I responded how I was busy. He said it was fine but he wants his stuff back and I said "K, I just want to make sure that I get the chance to talk to you when I return your hoodie and hat, is that possible?" He responded "About what?" I said "Why you're being the way you are" And he never replied back. I think it's safe to say he is over it lol.

    • well he sounds like a douche so screw him. i certainly hope it is within his nature to be irrational because i hate it when guys show absolutely no respect to the girl or the circumstance. forget about it

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