He's drifting away, how do I stop him?

I am overseas for 3 months while my uni is on break.

I left the guy I am seeing behind.
We were not official when I left.
The issue is that we are very physical people, not necessarily sex. I mean, he will call instead of text, we will see each other, cuddle, go on dates etc.

Honestly, we don't text well, it always bugs me because he texts his friends (many of them girls, JUST FRIENDS) all the time, but when we text it's one word answers etc. (i'm not good at banter...)

I'm scared that he won't talk to me.
I'm scared he will fall in love with someone else.
I'm scared he will forget what a great time we had together & throw it all away.

I don't know what to do?


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  • Do nothing.

    If you attempt to control an outcome you'll just find yourself dissatisfied. If you're good for each other, it'll work out naturally. If not, than accept that the outcome.

  • Don't push him or he will for sure run, and don't bitch at him. Same results. Just continue like you do with him. If he is meant to be with you you'll click when you get back. If not then, oh well, there are plenty of other men out there. Thanks for your service by the way. What branch?


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