Are these signs that we are together?

So I've been seeing this guy on a regular basis but I'm still not 100% if we are together or where I stand. He's asked me to be 'his baby' and I said yes. I've also met his parents a couple of times now and he talks about a future with me quite often and how he's moving away soon (about 20 minutes away as to 2 minutes away like he is now) and he's asked if I'm going to go visit him. He also sends me texts saying he misses me and he's told me that he does really like me. The only thing is sometimes I won't hear from him for a couple of days which is why I guess I'm feeling a bit unsure.


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  • First off, 20 minutes isn't "moving away". If that distance substantially changes how you two interact, then there's a problem. If you're unsure if you two are together, you need to ask for clarification. Don't guess at it.


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  • I don't know. You'd have to ask him. It's your job to define the relationship, not ours.

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