Could a guy have feelings for their ex by bringing them up this way?

Of course an ex can be a huge part of your life. Heck i was married once. But any time I bring up something I did or a place Id gone to, I don't find it necessary to say I did it with my ex. I just say I did it. If they want to know with who then that's when I'll tell them.
A guy I'm talking to keeps bringing up his ex. "A few years ago I went to that place with my ex," or "my ex and I did that once" for example.
Where in my case, I'd just say "oh I was there a few years ago," or "I did that once!"
See what I mean? Like just in convo, bringing up places and things. Sometimes I may even not divulge such as if the place or event had significance to my past relationship.
What do you think? Could someone like this be hung up on their ex?

Curious about this still!


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  • Sounds like it. He could also just be a more open person who wanted you to know what he's done with his Ex, but with the little details here it does seem like he's hung up still.


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