What time would be the right time?

If you had a crush on a girl when would you call her? What time would you ask her out?

like ask her out after two months or what?


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  • would I wait 2 months after I started to crush on her to ask her out? Hell no.

    Ask her right away, otherwise, some other guy is going to come sweep her off her feet.

    • I wanted to know that because my crush has a crush on me hasn't done anything yet and I don't know wether to move on or not.

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    • obviously he hasn't called, or you wouldn't be posting this. My original comment still stands.

    • What would I even say?

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  • Shit i dont know. Any girl i am attracted to now a days is either someone i spot at starbucks or one of my employees and are a no go zone. I usually dont go out very often so its difficult to get so see the same girl around. If i want a women i will have to just cold call it and ask when i see her.

  • I wouldn't "ask her out," so much as ask if she wanted to hang out some time. I want a close friend before I wanna consider her my girlfriend :) Otherwise you're jumping the gun and your relationship status becomes more a matter of obligation rather than wanting to be there.


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