Dude asks to hang out, but looks like he takes it back? What does this mean?

A guy I know randomly asked me to come over his place before he left out of town. I was down, but I was a bit suspicious about it at first.

After I told him that I'll let him know if I head down there, he said things like "no need to be feeling sketch. no worries. we'll leave it behind. it's late though, i don't want you driving this far."

It honestly sounds like he totally took it back, but while he was making these 'excuse'-like things, he mentioned "I'm just saying you're welcome to come by before I leave tomorrow. Just keep me posted."

I hit him up later saying "hey, what are you up to? I may come by." He doesn't respond til the next morning with "dang, i passed out last night lol."

I'm just curious, should I expect to hear from him like this again? Haha, it was totally out of pocket. I didn't reject him, it's just that once I mentioned "this is super sketch", he seemed to start taking it back, even though I agreed to come by at the end. Could "passing out" be an excuse to not respond the night before?


By the way, I did apologize to him for acting weird. I was far from sober, and he responds with "no worries, didn't even notice anything." Glad he followed up the next morning, I'm just curious if he may still be down in the future if I asked.


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  • he was probably just giving himself an out in case you didn't show up. make the rejection easier on him.

  • Maybe he feels rejected if you take anime by and pause to answer

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