If he likes me, why we do argue all the time? (And yes, I like him back)

Best friend of two years. We cuddle and he also kisses my forehead, play fights with me, jokes about being my boyfriend... he doesn't do this at all with our mutual friend who is also a girl. And he nudges me playfully while we walk.

But sometimes we argue. And even though he is still angry at me he still would kiss me on the forehead. I think he knows I have feelings for him but I've always denied it and even though he's denied having feelings for me I think he does. Thoughts? Advice?


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  • I'm in the exact same situation and honestly I think our problems come from being in denial. Think about how much easier your relationship would be if you were together. When I have arguments with my best friend it's because there's a lack of communication.

    • I'm just afraid that if I do confess I will lose him as a friend. But then if I don't confess, some other girl will come along and snap him up. :(

    • I'm the same way, but if he's your friend you can be honest. I always tell myself you can't help how you feel.

      Honestly Male/female friendships always need to have the po versatile about dating just to clear the air. If not you'll always wonder what if.

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