Do you think it's OK for my boyfriend to add random "local" girls on MySpace?

Then a few months ago when we broke up, they were the very girls he ran out and dated. We got back together now he keeps in touch with texting every once in a while and they are still on his MySpace. I was heartbroken when he dumped me then ran out with them. He is insensitive, says there is nothing there with them. I know he's not seeing them, we are together all the time, but I feel he should get rid of them for good. It hurts my feelings. How do I get through to him


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  • I'm a guy and I can tell you it would bother me. I don't know, maybe he needs them as some kind of emotional safety net. I guy can feel pretty insecure if he puts everything he has into one woman. But if it really bothers you then you have to bring it up to him and either come to some kind of understanding you can live with or insist that the cease contact with them or else. I wish I had better advice for you. Relationships are tough and need a lot of communication and courage to stand up for your needs, even if you fear abandonment. I learned the hard way how important it is to address issues between you and your partner and sometimes you have to be really brave and speak up, not knowing the consequences. If there is love there, it's worth the risk.


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