Actually talking to random women?

A lot of the times when I am by myself or have time to think, I always imagine what I would approach a girl and talk to her. Yet there is a very slim chance of that happening, because when the time comes either I feel it is too corny or just not different enough from what other guys would say to her. I feel like what am I bringing that is different from the other guy. It feels like that with my current situation I would be at the bottom of the totem pole for most girls (much less the girls I would love to approach). I also get the feeling that I would get shutdown at hello (they would just walk past me without even batting an eye brow). Even though I know it is not a death sentence it feels like every possible rejection or actual rejection would seem further away from me actually getting a girl or even getting married. I have no clue on how to approach a girl and be different and show her that I can steup up and take of her.


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  • You need to stop putting so much value on what some random women will or will not say. Just say whatever isn't creepy, or wouldn't bother her.