So I want to ask my team leader out but is that really a good idea?

He's a really sweet guy and has a fantastic taste in music. But he's also my team leader, so if it doesn't work out, it'd be awkward if we have the same shifts, which doesn't happen too often this semester. He's also really busy so I don't know how it'd work.
I posted on my school's crushes & missed connections page a thing where I said if he wasn't so busy this semester I'd ask him out. And one of his friends tagged him and he wrote that he can make time for the right reasons as long as there was effort put in. And I don't know where to go with that.
There's also that small chance he knows it's me because we were talking about his busy schedule before I wrote it.


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  • Ask him out. Tell him you want to go slow, and keep it professional even if it doesn't last.


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