Why did she say no to my marriage proposal twice now but she still wants to be in a relationship with me?

What should I do and she even broke up with me to make a point that my proposal is not for the right reason, We just got a baby girl three weeks ago she wants to be with me but not be in a relationship for now. Please some one help why is she doing this to me if she loves me as she says

But it doesn't mean we should do what Oscar did to Reeva that is totally wrong


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  • Sounds like she wants to be with you, but wants to rightly focus on your little daughter for a bit. Be a good dad and partner to her and I'm sure you two will end up married when life goes on

    • Women have a different take to relationships then men I guess we sometime push away people we love cause we do not understand them

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    • Women do not understand how weak and emotional men are when it comes to they loves one

    • Lots of love, online friend. Things are never hopeless. You seem full of love and caring and that is never bad. Think of how your little girl is going to look up to you and want ypur love so much. As long as you are good to her, a child's love is like no other, even if things don't end up working out with her mother in the long run.

      But I think you two still have a chance. Babies just take all of your energy and te at first. If it's something you two can share, it can bring you closer.

      Best wishes.

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  • Sounds like you answered your own question.

    People get married because they're in love and want to share their lives together.
    You appear to have proposed because the two of you screwed up while having sex, and ended up with a baby. Twenty years ago, people in your situation were expected to propose and raise the child together because there was a stigma about children born out of wedlock.

    Today's society is a different story. There are swaths of people - just like you - who have a child accidentally. People don't bat an eyelash when this happens. So it's perfectly acceptable for the two of you to remain unmarried and raise a child together.

    Translation: She does not want to marry you, and probably never intended to in the first place. In her eyes, you two are not in love - which is why she does not accept your proposal.

    Many people in a relationship will know whether their current partner is marriage material or not. I can say I've been in a few myself - where I knew from day 1 that they were just pretty playtoys for a year or two, and I would never end up marrying them.

    • Why did she come back to me and say maybe in the later stage we will get married for the right reasons? She tells me she loves me but doesn't wanna get married because we now have a baby.

      I was told my timing was wrong.
      I do not understand that at all cause it's more like false hope to hold on too

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    • So it's not as bad as I thought then.
      Maybe my timing came a little off pick. to be honest I want to marry her but I was not ready for marriage now, it's all the pressure I got from my family pushed me to propose the first time and the second, her answer never changed, I quote in her words: It doesn't feel like you really mean it and for that it's a no.

      She wants us to try being parents for our daughter and put our relationship on hold, meaning she broke up with me to stop me from proposing again

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