Should I do something to get back at him or let it go?

I met this guy and we talked for a while he seemed really sweet and always wanted to hangout I later on found out that he was engaged this whole time! I was so shocked! What kind of person does that. I haven't replied to any of his messages since I found out and he doesn't know that I know but i feel like I need to say something or do something because no one should do something like that. How do I handle it. I don't want to go as far as contacting his fiancée but I do feel like he deservers to sweat a little before I completely never speak to him again. I want him to feel bad about it.

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  • Don't jump to conclusions, and don't go looking for trouble. Lots of people are in open relationships. It's quite possible he was acting with the full knowledge and consent of his fiancee. It's also possible he was cheating on her. Regardless, it's not worth you're time if you're not interested in pursuing the relationship.


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  • I wouldn't bother. It just brings you down to his level.


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  • You should probably forget him. You deserve way better than a guy who hides things from you.

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