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So, I've had one really long and tiring distance relationship for about 6 mnths with somebody I never met. but things always stopped us from seeing each other. we were both experiences some very very difficult family matters at that point. And we are both unemployed so seeing each other is harder bcs of money- so after awhile I decided itd be best we went out separate ways, I went on with my life while he did his, but he never stopped contacting me. I was off applying everywhere, getting interviews, focusing on school and then I met somebody else, we took to eachother quickly and within 2-3 of knowing eachother we had sex, but then one night I annoyed him in some way and he kicked me out and raised his voice, says he was kidding but after seeing that side of him I thought, man I really don't deserve to be treated this way. I grew up with an abusive father last thing I need is an abusive relationship. AND then about a week later my mom bumps into this guy, he asked her if she had any daughters and she obviously told him about my situation, she also mentioned I gave up prom and all of that with the long distance relationship and that I just tried getting out thee again and things didn't go to well. Called me and ask me on a date I was awfully scared but I knew my mom would never put me with somebody whos intentions weren't pure. so after that date him and I dated for about 4-5 months- I thought of my long distance relationship a lot though, I was very open with him about it and I liked that hed listen, and understood, he went through a lot of challenges himself-everything was good for awhile long story short, went on lots od dated finally asked me out and began being intimate. there was ONE time I thought of my ex (long distance) when we were having sex and it scared me. I quickly asked him to stop and we sat up and talked for hours, he told me he understood but this and that, eventually it was to much and we eneded it

now my long distance ex is trying to come back he doesn't understand I just want to focus on myself. and if I were to star dating, itd be nice to I've it another shot but I feel like im settling for short.-doesn't treat me as good as some other guys


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  • Sounds like u should stay single for now girl. While u want to give this long distance another shot, ask yourself, will things still be the same? Ask yourself how long you're willing to hold out on physically being with this guy, and be honest about that silver lining.. is there one? I've seen a marriage where the couple was apart long distance for 5 years bc of school then they decided to finally live together, so who knows, that could be you. You just have to gauge how much u want this guy and if the wait is worth it. If u feel like you're selling yourself short, u probably are.


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