The Chosen One! How do I know who to choose?

I'm talking to a few guys on a get to know me / get to know them friendship level. nothing major. grab some food, movies, bowling, what ever else. They all are interested in me on a more than friend level. I'm confused on which one i should choose to move further with. They all are great guys, with great potential.. Any Advice?


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  • You could continue to get to know them more. Then when the time is right, u can choose. Ull no who to choose by following ur gut like what the guy below Just said. Don't worry there is no rush, take ur time:)

    • Thank you, No rush at all. It's hard to pick, I don't want to diss the right one for the one i think is the right one and it be the wrong one. I'm staying single ! lol

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  • you just have to go with your gut and choose one. that's literally it.

    • Thank you! It's complicated. Might choose the wrong one lol

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