I'm I okay? Got a little tipsy last night?

I went on 6 days with an older guy! Things have been great! We met online, he's a professional in the field I am studying in graduate school. But for the last week he's been at a conference. I am cooking him dinner tonight.

Last night it was a classmates birthday. I invited her and a few girls over for dinner and wine. I had two LARGE glasses of wine. I am a light weight. For whatever reason wine makes me overly friendly. I texted my guy before bed, telling him I couldn't wait for tomorrow, and he made feel really different and I don't know what will happen but I am excited to find out. And I wanted to delete my online profile. His response was "I like you too but its still early yet, We will talk more tomorrow."

So I texted him today and I told him about the wine and just said, I wanted to clarify I've been negative about dating, and your making me optimistic. And I deleted my online account partly because of the distraction. I know its early, and if you change your mind thats okay:) sorry for the confusing texts.

he didn't reply but he was working so I don't expect an answer.

I am a little nervous, it seems like things are okay right?


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  • things seem fine yeah. just keep going with it, you look like you're doin alright :D


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