What hints can I use to spice this up more?

He messages me every day all day and we have been for a year because we love long distance we like to talk lots through text / calls etc. But lately he hardly sends any flirty texts just texts about work and random things which is nice but I like the fun flirty sides we use to have between us !! We are seeing each other it's a long distance thing we have going on , just seems like it's the same old things he keeps texting... Moaning about his work and I'm always trying to cheer him up but just feels there's no excitment in our conversations any more :/ , how can I hint this to him? I don't want to seem horrible

Live not love lol


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  • send a pic with your legs open and say i wanna play

    • Hahaha

    • That would fix that problem straight away haha. Maybe try bit by bit start off with a tease. I'm sure he will get the idea. If not just tell him what you are thinking, honesty will work

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