Is he just not that into me or he wait for me to react?

dated for 3 months. he used be always initiate date and text me. we usually hang out 2 time a week. even when we are really busy.
recent 2 weeks , he stop initiate. after did not hear from him for entire week. i text him ask him meet me on weekend, he come to see me during the week and weekend.
then hear nothing from him for another week.
I m not sure if he just simply lost interest or he waited for me to do something.

when we meet, feel like nothing change , so i did not talk or ask about this, I assume just honeymoon period end.

but he "disappeared " for another entire week. I feel he kind of do this on propose or maybe i m think too much?


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  • he could have gotten tired of you and thats why he quit contacting, if y'all haven't talked in awhile i guess thats the case.

    just text him and asks where he is in this relationship.

    • that was what i think. so when it first happened, i waited and text him see if he can hang out on weekend, he reply my text and also wanna see me during the week. so we meet twice before last week.
      and got me gift and really sweet. so i thought i may just over think, then , it happen again.
      I guess i will just let him go if he keep in this way.

    • he could just not like texting. there are plenty of guys that are like that. you need to figure out what he likes and doesn't like.

      and talk to him about this before you leave him.

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