When a girl needs space when do you call it quits? How long should you wait?

She been overwhelmed with something. She really does not want to talk on the phone about it, but I feel left out. She was all cheerful for two weeks, and now she feels distant. We have date twice , and I did get intimate with her. We were really sexual charged for each other. Talked on the phone for 2 months. She wants to take things slow, and I agreed with her. I felt things were going too fast at first. she text or called me everyday day. I now have to text her, and she was the one texting me all the time. need help girls?


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  • Sounds like my boyfriend and I! He's been distant the past week not texting as much and not asking to hang oit he said he needs space because he's not doing well in school and is stressed! I don't get it!

    • Maybe once he is caught up than he will communication more. I get busy sometimes, and I will be too tired to call someone.

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  • i just told my boy i need some space. the best thing you can do is give it space. if you aren't exclusive then date and get yourself to a good mental space. if you are exclusive just be patient. 2 weeks is my limit with contact. anything after 2 weeks let it be

    • Well, she is European. I have dated a girl with this personality type. European women are different than American women when it comes to taking space.

    • Ahh gotcha! Maybe I need to develop a European mindset

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