Guys.. my boyfriend is distant and saying he's smothered?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about two years in December he broke up
With me making dumb excuses. I tried getting back and he wasn't buying it we would still talk and hook up then finally
K stopped all connection he then texted me one day and we started talking again him saying he missed me and tried getting over me but nothing worked. We recently started hanging out more and more and just started dating a month ago. He has two girl roomates in college and one really likes him he claims to not like her at all they are like sister and brother. I still wonder though just the last week he's been distant not texting me as much not calling me babe or saying he loves me stuff like that. Just yesterdah I went to
Go see him and everything was perfect and he said he loved me. He's always told me he wanted to marry me and have kids but sometimes I wknder. What do you think he's thinking when he Becomes distant?

I'm not quite sure how much space to give him though. Does that make sense?


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  • Guys do this its the rubberband theory, check out the venus mars website (they wrote the book men are from mars) they have video blogs answering these questions and give advice on what to do... Its helped me alot, good luck x


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  • He wants space , I would feel the situation for yourself. He might just be trying to figure out what he wants. As a guy, We are not emotional driven creatures as much as women are. I get annoyed if a girl is to inquisitive about me.


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  • are you sure he's being distant and not just busy? there's a difference.

    it could just be something he does- he just has those times of the month where he needs to back off for a bit. its either something you can overlook or confront him about (and i mean that in the nicest of ways).

    you need to talk to him about it if it really bothers you and if you are considering marrying him.

    also, with the female roommate, you can either trust him or not trust him. one way will end with you two still being together and the other won't.