Can this be true? Women, be honest?

I never had a girlfriend! In fact, I am still a virgin. Girls do nothing but ignore me! For a very long time I thought I was ugly! I told myself I was ugly. I kept bashing myself for it. I think its time to be honest with myself! What if I am not ugly? What if I am so good looking that girls do not trust me? Do you think that is possible? That girls just refuse to talk to guys that are really good looking? Now I am not a troll, and I am not trying to sound cocky! But I just cannot understand why girls refuse to talk to me. I keep lying to myself telling myself girls don't like me because I am ugly! But when I think back in high school, there was always girls staring at me. When I use to walk through the hallways; the girls that everybody wanted would always stare into my eyes as I walk passed them. Out of all the guys in the hallways, they were always looking at me! Girls at college, at Sams Club, at parties, and others places would just randomly walk up to me and call me cute or good looking or what ever! I was just shy so I missed my chances with them! Girls have traveled passed me in their vehicle and screamed out cutie from their car. Like I said, I am not trolling, and I am not trying to get attention, but if I am really good looking then why girls refuse to talk to me all the time? Is it because they don't trust me? Is it because if I am good looking that I have to work twice as much to prove I am not lame? I mean I am completely confused about this! I am also not lying about anything I have said here. I obey the 10 commandments and cannot lie! I think a lot of women have that nice guy syndrome. Where they think every guy who talks to them is kind just to sleep with them, but cannot fathom the reality that there is guys out there that truly want something genuine with the girl he is talking to! I am the good guy. It is not in me to be mean! Its not also like I want to date every girl I see. I just want 1! Also, lying to myself is different from lying to others


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  • Read this book How to Win Friends & Influence People by dale cargenie. its your social skill need to improve not your look. Girl really don't care how you look. They care more how other girl look more than us guy.


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  • Well do you ever approach women? Sometimes it can be a curse to be attractive because of the reputation that handsome guys usually have. But if you are genuine just start getting to know women and take them on dates. Its a process. The right woman will be able to see you for yourself.

    • I have, but they always have rejected, even considering that I was genuine and respectful!

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    • Yea good guys usually have it tough. I was blessed with a man that treats me well, but before me he went through the same issue you are dealing with.

    • Well good thing some of us find what we are looking for!

  • Sometimes I don't even bother talking to attractive guys because I figure that they probably already have a girlfriend. I don't know. I've never had a boyfriend either so I feel ya.

    • Try it, you never know! You can possible meet a guy like me that is dying for a girl to talk to him

  • I don't trust guys who are too good looking.

    • Is that fair to guys like me who want something genuine? That wants real love? The only thing that would push me away in a relationship is immorality! So why do good guys like me have to go through all this hate because what some low brain person has done to you?

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    • Feminism did ruin the country! When people protest, they don't protest for their rights. Their rights are God given, what people are really protesting is for peace, because what they are really doing is telling the government that they better respect their rights or else! It is true that feminism was a secret agenda by socialist tyrants, and the women they chose to be the face of feminism (I forgot her name but I think it is Margaret Thatcher) was nothing but an actor! Think about it. It is all brainwashing! Women are glorified and on billboards everywhere. When a women causes a scene, even though she is the one being violent and abusive, the man is usually arrested! Women do walk around and show their half naked bodies to get attention! I mean, feminism has truly messed up our culture! Its very rare to find class in a women these days, nor morality!

    • Thatcher was a politician, so yea probably a liar. She was prime minister of England, and most English people celebrated her death from what I'm aware. And yes feminism was started because of how women were treated, if you really don't know about how women were treated, you should try read a book or two. How can they not be allowed to vote and stuff like that and just sit back and accept it. They did the right thing protesting for rights.

      The reason the man would get arrested before the woman, is because of men always assuming women are the "fairer sex" and we're weak and can't hit men. We didn't say we're weak, men did. That's also why men feel so ashamed when they suffer from domestic violence and women don't, because we're expected to be weak.

      Women are glorified, or as some women might say objectified, because of men again. They say sex sells, and for men, it does. That is mens way of thinking, nothing to do with females. If so many men weren't so thirsty, sex wouldn't sell

  • I doubt you're ugly but I will be honest if a guy is very attractive girls tend to shy away just assuming they will get cheated on or hurt! Plus if you come off as a "tool" that could be a turn off for girls! I'm not saying you're a tool but that's how girls think

    • What do you mean as tool?

    • Like coming off cocky. I'm not saying thats you at all but girls feel intimidated by men when they have a huge ego.

    • I don't tell anybody I think I am good looking! I just talk to them as a human being!

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  • If you want to know if you're good looking just post a pic and ask to be rated.

    • Nobody goes to that link and rates. I have done it before and not received 1 vote! I have posted a picture in a question though some time ago, and girls did come and reply. Some said I was an 8, some even said I was 10! and I promise you I cannot lie!

    • Well sometimes they willi embellish their answers to make you feel better but if you were getting 8-10's then you're probably above average.

    • Well, I had a lot of girls add me and message me from it, but they were like half way across the country, and long distant relationships make no sense to me!

  • Oh look, another fellow virgin losing his fucking mind. Don't worry bro, all the female users on here will be sure to flame you and accuse you of being a bad person before going about their business pretending everything is fine and dandy...

    • If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

    • I'm actually surprised you haven't been lynched for asking this. Normally the female users are a lot more hostile towards guys like you.

  • No. That is completely ridiculous. Good looking men on average have more partners, not less.

  • If only being the initiator was natural common sense for me

    • I know right!

    • Ya it sucks

    • What is your age OP? I often wonder where I went wrong in the past that led me down this path of just simply not knowing how to approach and talk to women the right way in order to attract them